Saturday, 10 November 2012

Messing Around

Creative Conundrums
~ Messing Around ~

Welcome to this richly illustrated article in which I intend to talk about... absolutely nothing. Yep, that's what I've got lined up for you today. No new pictures, no new poems, just blether about who knows what. And putting off getting back in the studio, except to take the shots you can see here.

I'm pretty impressed with them actually. My good old almost brand new Nikon D800 on ISO 6400 in a gloomy garage churning out some very acceptable results indeed.

Thought I'd show you the mess I'm surrounded by at the moment. Here you can see where I am on a couple of lost paintings which didn't make it to the Bastille and are still living in a dubious hinterland between initial idea and completion. Basically, I'm stuck. On the super-shaded one you can see in the first picture in any case. I have no idea where it's going.

I was going to write

T   H   I
S   I   S
A   R   T

in big letters scrawled right across the nine squares at one point, or something more negative, but have held off so far just in case.

The pic you can see in the second shot isn't much better, but has the advantage of being at a far earlier state. In fact, the dripping and spreading out attempt I was making didn't work so I'll probably paint over it leaving it as a long forgotten background fail from hell.

It's a shame, because I was quite excited about it, but the colours didn't spread out as I expected them to, despite having dampened the canvas with soapy water beforehand. And the running paint had an annoying but inevitable tendency to disappear down the first joint every time I tilted the picture on its base... sigh. So, a right mess, yep, another one, waiting to be rescued, but then again, that's all part of the fun I guess.

In the picture on the right here you can see what's left of the end of my garage artist's studio now that I've emptied the car boot after the Bastille exhibition. Another right... you guessed it - mess, I'm sure you'll agree.

You can see some of my fabled self-portrait cubes under wraps there - I still don't have proper pictures of them, and the took an eternity to make, I'll have to get that sorted out one day.

And as for my poetry, I have a mess of a poem, with a seed of an idea which is going absolutely nowhere fast.

Just for fun, and not really believing anyone will have been interested enough to make it this far, I'll through up my notes so far here, which is, nevertheless, an incredibly rare thing for me to do...

Losing Face

What sayeth the Book of Face, my lord?
When it's ten past two
And you're all alone
And the coffee's cold
And you're tired and bored
"It says I am liked and have many friends"
You reply
And cry to the fluorescent plastic stars
And smash your fist down
On the keyboard
Sending snearing spiraling cyphers
Sneaking through cyberspace

Beware the Prince of Goog, my grace
For he is fair
And all that's false

Bring me the Bird of Tweet, by god
That I may break its bleating beak
And smash its spindly legs
Through my screen of ineptitude

So you can see my problem. Or a few of them. The idea is there, but the images aren't coming together to say the least. It's pretty weird to put up something in such an early stage but it's in the spirit of this new-look Abstract Mystic blog so there you go.

It also helps me to look on these ideas as another might coming to it fresh. It's amazing what a few hours or days reflection and distraction can do. You look at what you initially came out with and see some embarrassingly kitch and clich├ęd images. And then again, some of them still seem ok.

As far as Losing Face is concerned, I may continue in the direction it was trying to go or I might head off on another tangent altogether if no good ideas come to me soon; it's starting to bug me.

In this last pic here you can see what isn't even a background. I was doing another picture's background and got some splashes on these virgin canvases and decided to carry on splashing them as I went along. No idea where this one will go either though.

There, I told you I was in a mess and now I hope you agree. My current creative decision now lies between making another cup of coffee, critiquing yet another photo for Nikon and Me, or actually getting off my but and throwing colours at canvas again. Or even words at willow (or something). I'll keep you posted.

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