Saturday, 28 August 2010

Abstract Mystic - 'Dudes' (Part 1)

Offbeat Artistic Observations
~ dudes 1 ~

'Dudes' probably won't be the final title but I haven't got one yet so that'll do.

This is a resurrected set of canvases which were rotting away quietly in a corner of my damp basement studio (literally - I had to scrub the mould off them) and it was either try and do something with them or dump them. They'd already had a couple of aborted bases layed down on them and were a kind of slightly textured off-white, so I went with that and attacked them with the aerosol I had to hand.

In the pictures above you can see the end of this initial stage, and I could have done this on the virgin canvas to be honest. I then had quite a bit of wondering and wandering around the things, and flicking through books and trying to work out where the painting was going to go from here.

In idea from an old Klee drawing set me off on an idea, and I was about to start painting some shapes on the canvas, trying to decide whether to use masking tape or just do it freehand, when I noticed some bits of old raw canvas lying around and thought, that'll do.

So here, at the end of the next step, above, you can see that I've chopped up and stuck on some bits of the aforementioned canvas. Any idea where I'm going with this? If so, let me know please, because I'm not sure yet!

I'm also a bit nervous because I'm preparing to get out in the street and put my first street art up on the walls of Paris. I tested the glue on a tile in the famous damp basement and it hasn't fallen off yet. The thing is, it has to stick, and stick real good, real fast, because I don't intend on hanging around decorating walls any longer than absolutely necessary. I guess I'll get used to it, like I got used to walking around for hours a few years ago sticking up ads for English lessons, but right now it's still unknown territory.

As I've already said, I'm painting three very similar paintings at the same time for the street art project, and I'm going to arrange them all differently in three different parts of Paris, so they really will be all different works and will nicely illustrate my infinity squared and no-beginning and no-end concept. People can also amuse themselves trying to collect sightings of them all. It's late, so more later folks! Sleep tight, and comments are welcome as ever.

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Abstract Mystic - 'infini2' (Part 1)

Offbeat Artistic Observations
~ infini2 ~

Got a new project, people. Can't say too much about it. Bit hush-hush, you see. So let me tell you all about it.

Well, actually, I'll let you guess. What I'm doing here is painting on tiles - yep, good old common or bathroom white ceramic tiles. And it's a bit fiddly in fact, but ok in the end. Why am I painting on white ceramic bathroom tiles, you might ask yourself. Good question, but can you guess?

As I said, the project is a secret one, and you're the only other person who knows apart from me, so keep it to yourself, ok? But I'm going to plaster these damn things up all over Paris. I'm going to take over the city. The whole of the French capital is going to be going infinity-squared crazy!

I'm going to do what many others have done before me. If people won't come to the art then I'm going to take the art to the people. I must admit that I'm a marketing mess, and there's also the snobbishness of the Parisian art scene, to to bypass all that I'll follow in the footsteps, err.. wallprints, of some great artists and see what happens.

So I've been spending quite a bit of time and a bit of money investigating what was necessary to get my infinity2 concept out there.

I realised pretty quickly that canvas isn't going to last very long and would also be devilishly difficult to stick up so that was out. Glueing cut-outs onto the wall doesn't really appeal to me either as I'd really like something a bit more permanent. So bearing in mind my infinity squared concept I thought of what I hoped would be a relatively cheap basic material - white tiles. Actually, at first I thought I'd have to make my own, and was already looking into glazing ovens and all sorts of nonsense when I realised it wasn't necessary. By chance a great spray paint shop had just opened up in my street a few months ago and they helped me understand that I didn't have to buy a kiln to start my street art career...

Not that I know the first thing about aerosol painting or graffiti and that's not quite where I want to go either, but I'm kind of excited to try out this new technique so I've bought a few cans and I'm giving it a go, half asphyxiating myself in the process.

You can see how my first work is coming along in this series of shots I've taken for you. I think for a first attempt it's not too bad, but I'm a bit worried about the red I smacked on. I think I thinned it down with gloss medium and water to make it splashy, and now it's really losing its brightness as I type. It looks ok in these shots, but it was still wet when they were taken. I'll have to watch out for that in future.

I've tried to incorporate a few sneaky little clues into the pics (I've done three versions of the same one in case I drop one!) for fun. There's my Sab signature, then the title of one of my poems, 'Have To Whisper' again I'm afraid, then there's an infinity symbol with a little '2' for the squared bit, and then finally I've written 'infini' which is French for 'infinity' and pleasingly sounds closer to 'unfinished' than the English version, which is nice, along with a little solid square next to it for the 'squared' bit. Is that enough clues for the casual observer, I wonder?!

When painting on those shiny bathroom tiles you have to put all sorts of layers before and after in order for the paint to stick, for one thing, and for it to last, for another. Only time (and weather, more to the point) will tell if I've got it right. It should be finished in a couple of days and who knows... maybe Paris will be admiring (or defacing) it by the end of the weekend...

Let me know what you think - comments welcome as ever!

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