Monday, 19 April 2010

Abstract Mystic: ~ 'Have To Whisper' ~ The Making Of...(2)

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Abstract Mystic
~ The Making Of...(2) ~

Here you see two paintings in progress: what I'm provisionally calling 'Have To Whisper' and 'RGB'.

I've already shown you the beginning of 'Have To Whisper', and you can see that I'm starting to add a bit of colour. It was about time! Sometimes I get incredibly frustrated with the slow initial take off when nothing seems to be happening in the painting and it really looks nothing like what I have in my mind's eye for the finished product. So it's really good to be at the point of starting to add a little initial colour to brighten things up.

You can also see in the first two pics the beginning of 'RGB' and you can see me laying down, in the absolutely initial stages, some shapes and some texture. You'll see how this develops over the next few days and weeks, but it'll be funny to see the final result when you look at what it was like at the start.

The middle pic shows the artist - that'd be me - having some vital reflective 'down' time, to take stock and try and work out what the hell he's gonna do next.. ;-)

Let me know what you think - comments welcome as ever!

Abstract Mystic: 'Have To Whisper' ~ The Making Of...(2)
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