Friday, 16 April 2010

Abstract Mystic: 'Have To Whisper' ~ The Making Of...

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Abstract Mystic
~ Have To Whisper ~
(The Making Of)

Hello abstract spirits! This is an idea I had to put some stuff up on this blog devoted to my abstract art considering that I can't produce a new painting as often as I can post an iPhone photo, that's for sure!

So here, to keep things a bit interesting, I offer you some images of a painting which is nothing like finished, but is certainly started. And what's going to be interesting is to see how it evolves over the days or indeed weeks (ok, months) as is often the case.

The painting is in my 'infinity squared' series, where the interesting characteristic is that they consist of nine square canvases which make an even bigger square painting with... no beginning and no end.

Although you may well not be able to read it in the final version, the words you can see here are some selected phrases from three of my poems: Bridge Girl, She Shines and Have To Whisper.

It's an idea I've wanted to incorporate into my painting for a long time: a few of my words which I then gratuitously obscure with layers of paint and perspiration in the same way as these lines will eventually be lost in misty memories and dusty years.

Poetic, no? Comments are, as ever, very welcome.

Abstract Mystic: 'Have To Whisper' ~ The Making Of...
© 2010
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